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  • Polymer battery widely used in mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, portable DVD, Bluetooth headset, wireless communication devices, electronic cigarettes, electric toothbrushes, aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, telecommunications, petroleum ...
  • We are OEM battery manufacturer, so we can design the different battery solution as each customer’s requirement
  • Lihtium battery is a popular trend in near future as their light weight ,stanble performance and environmental. The most fashionable lithium vehicle battery are always born on our R&D department , and AUDI ,DAS AUTO are all cooperated with us.
  • we are experienced producer on solar storage battery , we have provide thousands solutions for customers as customers requirement, we are still aim to supply our best quality battery with our warmest service.
  • Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation
    High Quality and High Reliability
    Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery
    Low Self-discharge
    Long Service Life
    Solid Copper Terminals
HK Exhibition in Oct. 2015 2015-09-19
Car Emergency Jump Starter 2015-09-17
New products developing 2015-07-29
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